Wijnschool Pinot Policy Requirements v2                                      Breda, 16th of August 2019

At Wijnschool Pinot we intend to create an optimal learning environment to make sure that students can focus on their main goal: expanding their love for and interest in wine by following the WSET courses, resulting in a successful examination.

In order to do so it is helpful and necessary to have a set of policy requirements to make sure all parties know what happens in case things do not go according to plan. In the following sections we will emphasize and explain how Wijnschool Pinot deals with several circumstances.

  1. Complaints and appeals.

Although we always strive for high standards, it is possible that expectations are not entirely met or that in any other way a student does not feel completely happy with anything related to Wijnschool Pinot.

In order to minimize this chance, we have set out an extensive set of Terms & Regulations, which the student has agreed with upon enrolment.

The best way to address any possible complaints is to notify the owner and educator Martijn Roos as soon as possible by email (info@wijnbarpinot.nl). An answer can be expected within 4 working days and hopefully from there a solution can be found. If not, WSET Awards is only available for appeals when Wijnschool Pinot’s complaints & appeals procedures have been exhausted. Since the only educator for Wijnschool Pinot is Martijn Roos, there is no senior person to refer to if the complainant is still not satisfied, so the next step is to contact WSET at qa@wsetglobal.com.

  1. Conflict of interest.

A Conflict of Interest exists where an individual has interests or loyalties that could adversely influence their judgement, objectivity or loyalty to WSET Awards when conducting activities associated with WSET qualifications.

By following a course at Wijnschool Pinot a student’s focus should be on the specific course. There should not be any interference in this by the location by, for example, only using the ‘house wines’ of the restaurant for the course, (since they have them in stock anyway), or constantly ‘spamming’ the students with information about the restaurant (which is the course location).

Both examples do not contribute towards an ideal learning environment. However, since the educator is also the sommelier and owner of the restaurant it is inevitable that during classes he will draw from that experience to clarify certain topics. In this way, however, it only adds to the understanding of the student.

Another example of possible conflict of interest could be when a family member of the invigilator takes the exam. Some conflicts of interest can be managed, but it is the responsibility of everyone involved in the exam process (including students) to report any suspected conflicts of interest. First to Martijn, by email through info@wijnschoolpinot.nl, and ultimately also to WSET at qa@wsetglobal.com.

  1. Data Protection.

In order to process a student’s enrolment and register for exams, Wijnschool Pinot needs to get certain data from the candidate, for instance: name, date of birth, gender and email address. Wijnschool Pinot hereby declares to treat this information confidentially, will only use it for WSET goals and not share it with outside parties. WSET needs this information in order to examine and award qualifications and contact students to collect feedback. Students applying for Reasonable Adjustments will also need to provide details of medical conditions to WSET.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. When it is transferred to WSET Awards it will always adhere to their Data Protection Policy. If there are any questions regarding this topic, please contact the data protection officer Martijn Roos via email at info@wijnschoolpinot.nl.

  1. Diversity and equality.

At Wijnschool Pinot everybody is welcome to register for a course and is treated with respect in accordance with the Dutch Law. A student, however, needs to have the minimum age of 18 (which is the minimum age for drinking alcohol in the Netherlands).

There is no maximum age, but students should be fit enough to walk down a stair to the class room since no elevator is, or ever will be, present.

At the time of the registration of a student and during the course no one will be discriminated on race, gender, sexual preference, religion, partnership or otherwise. To produce a correct exam certificate, the candidate is asked to inform us about gender and date of birth.
Questions with a discriminatory character will not show up.

With any questions regarding diversity and equality, please contact Martijn Roos via email at info@wijnschoolpinot.nl.

  1. Reasonable adjustments.

Special educational needs

Students with special educational needs are asked to express their needs to Wijnschool Pinot.
We will do the upmost to make it possible for a student with special educational needs to follow a course and to take an exam.

Notify when registering

Special educational needs, also for the exam, must be reported immediately upon registration, on the registration form, by mail or in writing. The educational needs must first be discussed with Wijnschool Pinot, so that we can take the necessary measures on time. We will inform you directly when we find we can not meet the requirements.

No unfair advantage

Reasonable adjustments must not give unfair advantage over other candidates.

Proof of special needs

The student or exam candidate must, if requested by Wijnschool Pinot, be able to provide proof of an educational need by an authorized person.


For dyslexia candidates, a statement from the general practitioner is not valid, this must be a statement from an authorized person, as described on the website of the “Dyslexie Nederland foundation”.

Assistance with a disability

For candidates with a (possibly temporary) disability we will be serving our help to make the use of the classroom and exam room possible. Although, as mentioned in point 4: a student needs to be able to walk a stair. If this is not possible we will have to find an alternative solution, such as an online course where the exam will be at an accessible venue.

Ultimately, WSET makes the final decision and Wijnschool Pinot needs to inform WSET Awards at least 4 weeks ahead of the exam of any requests for Reasonable Adjustments. In order to do so correctly Wijnschool Pinot needs an additional week to collect the information and relate to WSET, so at least 5 weeks ahead of the exam.

For data protection policy, please refer back to point 3.

Requests will be answered within 4 working days

  1. Special consideration.

Special consideration is an action taken after an assessment to allow candidates who have been disadvantaged by temporary illness, injury, indisposition or adverse circumstances at the time of the assessment to demonstrate attainment.

Special consideration will not give unfair advantage over candidates for whom special consideration is not being applied, or alter the assessment demands of the qualification as detailed in the applicable Specification.

A candidate may be eligible for special consideration if:

  • Performance in an assessment is affected by circumstances beyond the control of the candidate. This may include recent personal illness, accident, bereavement or examination room conditions (such as excessive noise from roadworks outside);
  • Alternative assessment arrangements which were agreed in advance of the assessment proved inappropriate or inadequate;
  • The application of special consideration would not mislead the user of the certificate as to the candidate’s attainment.

If there are circumstances that affect all candidates, the APP (Wijnschool Pinot) should submit a report within 7 days, requesting special consideration for the whole group. However, if an individual student wishes to make a request, then they have to apply directly to Martijn Roos via info@wijnschoolpinot.nl, so he can forward this request to WSET within the 7 day time limit.

For data protection policy, please refer back to point 3. Requests will be answered within 4 calendar days

  1. Malpractice and maladministration.

Wijnschool Pinot intends to comply with WSET Award rules and regulations. If however a student thinks either malpractice or maladministration is the case, please refer back to point 1 for the complaints procedure. On the other hand, also the student should behave in a way without malpractice and maladministration.

Non-compliance with WSET Policies and Procedures generally falls into one of two categories:

  1. Maladministration, where non-compliance is accidental rather than intentional; and
  2. Malpractice where non-compliance is intentional or the result of negligence.

Whether a situation is maladministration or malpractice will be determined by WSET Awards following an investigation.

Malpractice or maladministration may include:

  • Failure to adhere to WSET Awards’ candidate registration and certification procedures;
  • Late student registrations;
  • Fraudulent claim for certificates/fraudulent use of certificates/reproduction or forgery of certificates;
  • Withholding of information from WSET Awards which is critical to maintaining the rigour of quality assurance;
  • Submission of false or inaccurate information to gain a qualification;
  • Cheating, including the use of unauthorised devices or materials;
  • Disruptive behaviour in an examination;
  • Plagiarism of any nature by students;
  • Impersonation (including forgery of signatures);
  • Unauthorised reading/amendment/copying/distribution of exam papers;
  • Failure to respond to WSET Awards in a timely manner;
  • Infringement of WSET copyright, trademarks, intellectual property rights and brand identity;

When a student is found guilty of malpractice, a student may suffer sanctions. These can range from a written warning, to disqualification from an exam to the ultimate sanction: a complete disqualification from the course.

  1. Cancellation and refunds.

In the terms and conditions, the payment policy is specified. 100% down payment upon registration to confirm the booking. A course may be cancelled up until 2 weeks in advance. In that case the down payment will be refunded. If a cancellation happens after this deadline Wijnschool Pinot is entitled to refund a partial amount. Exceptions are made in grave conditions, such as severe illness of the student or direct family. Judgment of this is up to the educator, Martijn Roos. If a student wishes to abort the course, no refund is paid. Once again, exceptions can and will be made in case of grave conditions, such as severe illness of the student or direct family. In case Wijnschool Pinot decides to cancel a course, full refunds will be given.